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Monday, August 22, 2011

How to Restore Grub in Ubuntu??

Hi all

           Grub is a popular boot loader used in Linux distribution like Ubuntu ,Debian ,Mint etc .In some situation ,we have to re-install Grub .The main reason of grub failures are

1)Change in Partition table :Change in partition is happening because of deleting of some partition .In such cases grub failed to find the root partition .So grub shows  an error

2)Windows installation : If we install Windows after installing Linux ,then the grub loader will erase from the Master Boot Record  .So we have to install grub again .To avoid this situation ,first install Windows ,next install Ubuntu ,then grub will detect the Windows boot loader and show in the grub list

Grub installation Steps 

1)If the grub showing error or grub is replaced by Winboot loader then you can do this steps for grub recovery

1)Insert the Ubuntu Live Disc and enter into the live desktop

Note: Insert the same distribution disc that is pre-installed on the system

2)Mount the pre-installed Ubuntu partition by clicking the partition .When we click on the partition ,it will mount in the /media folder .We have to note the name of the mounted partition in the media folder

2)Take terminal from the Accessories menu

3)Enter the following commands below

             sudo grub-install --root-directory="/media/<Ubuntu mount name>" /dev/sda

4)Restart the live disc and remove the cd  from the drive .

5)When it boot up,we can see the grub .Take Ubuntu from the list and after entering to the desktop
take terminal and type the following command

                sudo update-grub



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