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Saturday, March 31, 2012

ROS on Android Phone

Finaly done with ROS(Robotic Operating System) on android 

It was my 1 day work for getting an output from android to ROS Server .I will explain the procedure that i have done


1)android-sdk for linux -Refer the following site for manually download android component .Othervice you have to setup eclipse for doing it

2)platform-tools-This is the most required thing in this installation operation

Thursday, March 29, 2012

OpenCV Face+Nose+Mouth+Eye concurrent detection

Hi all

     This is a hobby code adapted from Opencv facedetection.cpp .It can detect more haar files now .You can add more xml according to your requirement .

I am giving the link for the source code

Some snapshots and video

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Face recognition using ROS Electric

Recently i  tested a ROS  stack for  face_recognition .Here is the details

The link of the stack is given below

This stack is based on the following website ideas

The building procedures are given in the stack link

I used gencam_cu for camera driver instead of gscam


1)Download the stack ,the stack name is procrob_functional

2)Add procrob_functional stack path to ROS_PACKAGE_PATH

3)Install stack  $rosmake --rosdep-install

4)Start gencam_cu by command  and set /camera/image_raw into /image_raw

$rosrun gencam_cu gencam_cu /image_raw:=/camera/image_raw

5)roscd face_recognition
6)rosrun face_recognition Fserver
7)rosrun  face_recognition Fclient
8)rostopic pub -1 /fr_order face_recognition/FRClientGoal -- 2 "yourname"  .This is for getting images for training

Following are the output we get after this commands

Monday, March 26, 2012

Face Tracking on ROS Electric using Pi_face_tracker and gencam_cu

Here is a tutorial for running face detection on ROS using pi_face tracker and gencam_cu

Pi_face tracker will work on Kinect and uvc_cam based webcams .Some webcams and laptop integrated cams have some issues while using uvc_cam .There is another package on ROS site called gencam_cu for webcams .Its working on OpenCV library .
Here is the link for gencam_cu

Pi_face tracker package is available in following link

First you need to download and install gencam_cu first .
Before installing pi_face_tracker we need to change some parameters in pi_face_tracker launch file .
The launch file is called face_tracker_uvc_cam.launch 

Replace the line  

    <remap from="input_rgb_image" to="/camera/image_raw" /> into 

    <remap from="input_rgb_image" to="/image_raw" /> 

It looks like this 

  <arg name="auto_face_tracking" default="True" />

  <node pkg="pi_face_tracker" name="pi_face_tracker" type="" out$
    <remap from="input_rgb_image" to="/image_raw" />
    <remap from="output_image" to="/pi_face_tracker/image" />

It is a patch ,because gencam_cu publishs images on /image_raw topic ,but uvc_cam publishes on /camera/image_raw

Install pi_face_tracker 

eg_cmd : rosmake --rosdep-install 

Run roscore

Run gencam_cu by following command

rosrun gencam_cu gencam_cu

Launch pi_face_tracker

roslaunch pi_face_tracker face_tracker_uvc_cam.launch

Output Image

Sunday, March 25, 2012

ROS Electric and Integrated Laptop Webcams

This post shows how to interface a usb web cam with Robotic Operating System(ROS)

There are lot of ways to interface usb webcam .I am using a laptop integrated webcam of Suyin Corp

I tried uvc_cam  ,usb_cam .These all are working but have some issues 

I got another package from ROS website that is working based on OpenCV

gencam_cu is the package name .I am giving the link 

It is working good for my integrated web cam

I am including some screenshots


OpenCV 2.3.1 tbb.dll missing : solution


        When i compiled opencv code using  OpenCV 2.3.1 on Windows 7  i got a run time error called 
"tbb.dll not found "

This is the fix for this issue
1)Download the tbb file for windows

2)Set Env_variable  

Add Path in the System Variables


For example ,Put tbb files on release folder  .This example settings is for VS9 and intel 32 bit