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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Cubieboard: A threat to Raspberry Pi

Hi Guys

     I saw a new embedded board that can be a competition for the famous Raspberry Pi. The name of the board is Cubieboard. Specs given below


1G ARM cortex-A8 processor, NEON, VFPv3, 512KB L2 cache
Mali400, OpenGL ES GPU
1GB DDR3 @480MHz
HDMI 1080p Output
100M Ethernet
4GB Nand Flash
2 USB Host, 1 MMC slot, 1 SATA, 1 ir
96 extend pin including i2c, spi, lcd, sensors, ..
Running Android, Ubuntu and other Linux distributions


Anonymous said...

The datasheet for the AllWinner A10 processor their using shows that there are two different processors models available. Commercial temperature (-25 to +85C) and a Extended temperature model (-40 to +85C). Unfortunately the components they chose for the board have more limited temperatures then even the commercial model of the A10. Giving the board a limited range of about -10 to +70C. (They said this on their site in the comments section but have since removed it.)
Not very useful in real world situations. (Table 6.2 page 48)

So their board is about half the price of even the lowest cost version of the Beagleboard (Beaglebone) but it has the same temperature limitations. The TI processor's on the Beagle series boards are wide temp but not all the components. I've seen comments in the Google groups for the Beagleboard asking about wide-temp versions. People there have talked about making their own board or replacing the components with wide-temp versions.

The A13-OLinuXino made by Olimex uses components which are the same or greater temp as the A13 processor on their board (-25 to +85C). This make the Olimex board much more usable for real world applications such as alternative energy monitoring (solar hot water heating ect.)

Two other wide-temp alternatives:

IGEP COM SPIN (pre-order)
TI AM3703, 1GHZ
64 MB RAM / 128 MB Flash
-40 to 85C
49 Euros (about $64) (Bottom of page)

TI AM3703, 800MHz to 1Ghz,
Optional 720Mhz ??, slightly lower cost?
4Gb NAND/ 4Gb Mobile Flash
-40 to 85C
79 euros (about $103)

Expansion board (works for both com modules)
Power your module from +5Vdc source
3 Axis Accelerometer
Up to 44 GPIO signals
1 x SPI
2 x UART
1 x I2C
DSS Video interface
Size: 68 x 26 mm (2.67 x 1.02in)
-40 to +85C
Fully Software supported in the processor BSP
29 euros (about $38)

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