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Sunday, August 7, 2011

How to install OpenCV in Linux & Windows

Hi all

                 Open CV stands for Open Computer Vision .Its a great library for doing image processing stuffs. OpenCV can be uesd for many academic projects . Here i just mentioning how we can install OpenCV in Linux and Windows

In Linux(Ubuntu 10.04):

1)Download the latest OpenCV package from sourceforge .The link is provided below

2)Extract the tar file to some path for eg::home folder .

3)Take the extracted folder and make a folder called release 

4)Take the folder release and open a terminal in that folder path .

5)Type the following command in the terminal


6)After executing we get a make file.Just type make command in the same terminal.

7)It takes some time to make ,after make type sudo make install and give the password


In Windows
1)For windows ,some video tutorial is available in youtube .Here are the links

Try it.........


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