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Sunday, August 7, 2011

ECE projects topics...

Hi all
          I like to share some project ideas for EC stream .It may be useful for students who didnt get the topic yet...

For ECE students..

Robotics Related...

1.Gold Finding Robot Gold is an inert metal and cant detect easily from ground . I am attaching a video from youtube,which has the gold detetction using some metal detectors .Actually we cant find gold using ordinary metal detectors .We have to tune the oscillator frequency of metal detector. If we make a robot for automating the task for finding gold ,we can increase the rate of  finding  gold deposit. We can track the coordintates of the robot using a GPS mechanism .The main componets of  robot is a rover and a metal detector .The cost will be less than 15k.      

2.Walker Robot:Walker Robot is an interesting kind of robot which walks like a four legged animal . The walker has many applications .We can attach camera and GPS for navigation purpose .I am attaching a video of simple walker robot .

3.Servent Robots:Servent robots are robots mainly for serving purposes .It contain a 4 wheel structure which carries some food .It will  unload food in the correct destination .It will be a challenging projects 
4.Robotic Arms:Robotics arms can be design for various purpose .Making an arm like human arm is really a good task .Its somewat tough,but if it implemented ,its a great thing..

These are some projects in my mind .I will keep on updating my blog with more ideas..


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