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Monday, July 8, 2013

Configuring XAMPP and Setting Wordpress , Drupal ,Joomla and sNews

Hi all

 I am giving the procedure for configuring XAMPP

1. I followed the procedure from the following link



2. Setting Wordpress

1.Download wordpress and extract  to some location

2. Copy wordpress into /opt/lampp/htdocs path

3.Take browser and enter localhost/wordpress. If everything is ok, it will show like this

4. Before pressing Let's go button, you have to create a database ,say for eg: wordpress_test.

For creating database take phpmyadmin from xampp home screen.

5. Give the database name,password 

6. Copy the selected content to htdocs/wordpress as wp-config.php

7. Give Blog title and details

8. Give address as localhost/wordpress/wp-admin and give user name and details

3. Setting Drupal

1. Download and extract drupal into htdocs

2.Goto localhost/drupal(drupal folder)

3. Change the permission of drupal folder to remove the first error

4. Copy  and rename default-settings.php to settings.php inside drupal/sites/default folder.

5. Create a database, for eg : drupal_test

6. Enter the details of database username and password

4 . Setting Joomla

The procedures for setting joomla is almost similar to wordpress and drupal. I am giving the screenshot below

5. Setting sNews

For setting snews, first we need to create a database and import content from a sql database inside the snews SQL folder. If you are using snews17 import snews17.sql as shown in figure

1.Take browser and goto localhost/snews

Issue while configuring !!!!

phpmyAdmin issue

When we take phpmyAdmin, if the window shows this error, then there is some issue with mysql.

You can solve this by stopping mysql service as shown below

$sudo service mysql stop

and start  sudo /opt/lampp/lampp start

Note : It  will be good if we remove mysql service from the startup too.


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