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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

How can we hack our friends Gmail Accounts.....

Hi all

                I am not  writing this post for hacking purpose,but i want to show the vulnarabilty that happen with gmail account . Recently i changed my gmail password and i forgot the password . But somehow i resetted the password .
This is the way i did it . I am including the screenshots of how i reset my password ..

Its very simple

1)You have to click "cant access account"

2)enter the mail id

3)Enter capcha

4)Enter the phone number
after these steps ,you will get a code in your phone number .If you enter the code ,the password will reset as shown below
This functionality  is   good  for recovering passwords. It has some problems also ,if you know the friends email id and ,you have his phone ,you can easily hack his gmail id .Actually if someone hacks the gmail id,he  can also hack facebook id,because everything is connected .If your account is hacked,do the same procedure to reset . :) .So understand the vulnarabilty of this feature.Your friends can easily hack your password .Better thing is donot exchange your phones..:)


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