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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Social Robot: My final year project(Opensource)

 Hi all

   I am publishing my final year B-tech project  called social robot as Opensource project.
It was an interesting robot which can communicate with people using speech recognition and synthesis  and has vision abilities. The main attraction of this project was the robot intelligence. It was done using Artificial Intelligence Markup Language(AIML).

The speech recognition and synthesis was done in WindowsXP using speech SDK from Windows.

Vision was done using Open Computer Vision library(OpenCV).The main features are

1)Faces,eye,nose detection
2)Motion detection
3)Face and motion tracking
4)Blob detection and color detection
5)Object detection

Speech system  and AIML work in the following fashion

Robot named Robin

Robin and me @FISAT exhibition

Robin and me in news


Video taken during making of robot(Incomplete model)


Unknown said...

Nice to see all those pics. Should've given Caption for all those pics. Could've added some experiences of yours. Maybe post interview link from '' too .... :)

Lentin Joseph said...

i will add that link too. can you paste the link here?

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