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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

How to install OpenNI in Windows 7

Hi all 

This is a brief tutorial to install OpenNI in Windows 7. I am installing  OpenNI version 1.54 unstable.

The main feature of OpenNI 1.54 is, there is no Psi pose calibration in skeleton tracking. 
The skeleton tracking is also faster when we compared with Kinect SDK from Microsoft. OpenNI is crossplatform and available for C++,Java,C# languages.

Installation procedure

1)Download following files from the link 

2)Download the following files

Install all installers in the same order. Install avin2sensors drivers for installing primesense drivers for Kinect.

Take examples from the Sample folder from openNI.
Take NiViewer for viewing depth and rgb image..


Unknown said...

Hello how you doing?
I'm trying to learn from yoour guides how to program in openNI to use the Kinect but it seems that all the links are down could you help me with the links please ?

Thank you

Reem said...

Hi ,
Please the link of download is broken, can you it send for me? ( version for windows x64)

Many thanks in advance

Lentin Joseph said...

Hi Remm and Ivan

I updated the link, the thing is openni site modified , so you dont get the UI shown in my blog.

Reem said...

So good!

Many thanks Sir!
Best regards,

Reem said...

Dear Lentin,

The include folder doesn't contain all required files.

I need just to read an oni file,
else have you please an other solution?

Many thanks
Best regards

Reem said...

Dear Lentin,

I have just downloaded the v 1.5.4 instead of v2.
the include folder contains of this version is complete. However, I still have a problem of linking the lib to MSVS2010. I followed all required instructions and I didn't get a solution.

Please help me as soon as possible to solve it.
Esle please give me an other solution to read an Oni file.

Many thanks
Best regards

Lentin Joseph said...

Hi reem
Sorry for the delay. Can you send a screenshot of the linking error to my mail id

Reem said...

Hi Lentin,

Thanks a lot Sir
Sent ^^

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