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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Pong gaming Console: My mini project goes OpenSource

Pong game is a very popular video game. I implemented pong game in 8x8 led matrix.
It was my mini project done in the year 2010.

The main features of this game are

1)There are 10 levels  on this game. Speed of the ball will increase in each level.
Ball need to hit 10 times on paddle for entering into next level. There are 3 life for the user. If user finish 10 levels before loosing 3 life ,he will win and display congrats messages.

2)There are two paddles, one is on the top and other is on bottom. Both Paddles are controlling by a joystick.

3)Joystick has 3 keys. One for left move,one for right and one for RESET the game

4)It has an LCD for giving the details of levels and life.

5)It has two atmega-8 controllers. One for LED matrix controlling and one for LCD control.

6)The code is written in embedded c in avr-studio IDE. 


Code on github:


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