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Sunday, August 5, 2012

How to start with git using github

Hey guys
         This tutorial is absolutely for beginers. In this tutorial ,i am giving the steps to start a test repository on github


* Start an account in github

*Create a repository like shown below

*Give a name for the repository and make it as public or private. In github ,we need to pay for private repository.Tick initilize with README too

For example i gave the name "test" for the new repo,and after that the page will look like this

 *After setting repo ,you need to setup git in your PC,it can be Linux or Windows.
In Windows ,you need to install msysgit. Check the detailed procedure for installing msysgit on google

In Linux you can install from synaptic package manager

*After installing you need to setup a repo in your PC. The repo in the PC has to moved to git repo..

*After installing git ,we will get a GitBash or you can acess git from command line(DOS)

Note :Set the ssh-keygen before uploading files to github

*ssh-keygen entering option on github

*How to generate ssh-keygen

"Enter ssh-keygen command in DOS or git-bash and generate a file and copy paste into git-hub ssh area

*Copy the entire content of id_rsa into git-hub ssh key  section

*Clone the current repo set on the github using git clone command.

you need to note the following address before cloning

*Cloning test repo

*Adding a test .cpp file into test folder

*Commands for pushing the code to repo

Thanks !!!!!!


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