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Friday, September 21, 2012

Working with LinkSprite UART-Wifi Module

Hi all

    I purchased an UART-Wifi module from rhydolabsz.

Product link

Testing Wifi Module using the given PC tool

1)Connected Wifi module with arduino. The RX of module -> RX of arduino
 TX of module -> TX of arduino

2)For testing with PC tool we need a USB to RS232 convertor or dedicated serial port. I dont have a serial port so i am using Arduino as a USB To RS232 .You can  remove the chip of arduino and connect the above pins to the board. You can also work without removing chip, for that you need to write and empty sketch to arduino, so there willnot be any serial pins activities

3)After connecting arduino board, you need to change the PORT Number of serial port, it must be in the range of  0->4. Othervice PC tool willnot detect serial port. So change the serial port number in the following configuration.

Plug arduino->Take device manager

Take properties of serial port

Take advanced button

Change COM Port number

 4)Take PC Tool for Wifi

If everything is right,it will connect to Wifi module and when we take the tool it will make a RESET.

Press button scan,it will show the available networks

For connecting to the specified network you need to set channel number ,SSID,BSSID,gateway for the available device. I am using wifi router . We will get the channel ,SSID,BSSID from the scanning resullt. You can see from the above pics. Set the values like the above pic if you are going to connect it to a wifi router. For router the gateway is I am using Dlink. It can change.

If everything is ok,it will connect to that network when we press Joinkey

 Next you have to start a server in the pc for  testing the connection.Start WLANTest TCP client. Give the local IP and port number of Wifi module.And press connect.If everything is ok, it will display status as CONNECTED.

Now you can send message from this client to Wifi. Type hello and press send,it  will send to wifi module and display on its window

Similarly you can send data from wifi to this client. Even you can send files. That is shown above

Product link

Download DataSheet



Hassan Shirazi said...


My name is Hassan.

I am using this module in one of my projects. But the problem is I can't find its datasheet and configuration software.
If you have one please send it to me, i shall be very thank full to you.


Lentin Joseph said...

Please check this link for more information

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