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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Face recognition using ROS Electric

Recently i  tested a ROS  stack for  face_recognition .Here is the details

The link of the stack is given below

This stack is based on the following website ideas

The building procedures are given in the stack link

I used gencam_cu for camera driver instead of gscam


1)Download the stack ,the stack name is procrob_functional

2)Add procrob_functional stack path to ROS_PACKAGE_PATH

3)Install stack  $rosmake --rosdep-install

4)Start gencam_cu by command  and set /camera/image_raw into /image_raw

$rosrun gencam_cu gencam_cu /image_raw:=/camera/image_raw

5)roscd face_recognition
6)rosrun face_recognition Fserver
7)rosrun  face_recognition Fclient
8)rostopic pub -1 /fr_order face_recognition/FRClientGoal -- 2 "yourname"  .This is for getting images for training

Following are the output we get after this commands


lucky said...

hey, how to download the stack, i mean use the git command? can show me what to type? Thanks

Lentin Joseph said...

That is given on the stack page

git clone git://

Unknown said...

Hi Lentin,

Nice work. I want to this face recognition with my kinect. Will this work fine with kinect. If not, then what extra stuffs should I do ?
Thanks in advance


Lentin Joseph said...

Hi Arjun, Nice to meet you. I think it will work with Kinect too. If the kinect rgb images are in /camera/image_raw topic ,this will work, Please try it and reply if your feedbacks.

Unknown said...

Hi Lentin,

The kinect rgb images are in /camera/image_colour. So what modification should I do to correct it. I use Fuerte instead of electric, so should I change some files to match it up.

Thanks in advance

Lentin Joseph said...


I think that is enough.

Unknown said...

Hi Lentin,

When you run the following instruction using gencam_cu, did the image_raw look like black and white video ??

rosrun gencam_cu gencam_cu /image_raw:=/camera/image_raw

Lentin Joseph said...

Hi Arjun, I am using my laptop webcam and i tried several ROS packages for the camera driver,but didnt work well. Only gencam_cu worked well for me. I am giving the link that showing gencam_cu working well with color video.

I think if this driver give gray scale images, you can try other camera drivers for getting the frame

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