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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Controlling Android Phones using Python and Linux

Hi all

  I am giving a brief tutorial on how to control android phone using python over wifi using PC.

Prerequisites on android phone

1)Wifi ADB Application: It is a tool for doing android debugging over wifi. Here is my previous tutorial about Wifi ADB

Prerequisites on PC

1)Ubuntu 12.04 


1)Start wifi adb using above tutorial
2)Start a private server using SL4A.

Take SL4A->Menu->View->Interpreters->Menu->Start Server->Private

3)A notification will appear on the top ,with a port number. Note the port number from SL4A. Note the IP of device from wifi adb

SL4A Interpreters

                                                      Starting a private server

                                                     Started Wifi ADB .Showing IP and Port

4)Start python in PC and copy in the same path as mention in this tutorial

4)Enter the following commands

After entering ttsspeak("Hello World") ,you can hear hello world voice from android phone

API Reference


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