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Sunday, June 30, 2013

How to solve "openni_tracker [ERROR]: Find user generator failed" on ROS

Hi all

  When you install OpenNI library on ROS Fuerte/Groovy, you might be get the following error. I am using Ubuntu 12.04 64 bit.

openni_tracker [ERROR]: Find user generator failed

Here are some solution in which we can solve this issue

Solution 1:

2. Unzip the file into  some folder and NITE package folder  will look like this

3. Open terminal on the following folder and enter the following commands

$sudo sh

$sudo sh

4. After installing NITE, execute the following command  and output is as follows

$niReg -l

5 . If it is showing like this, you might get rid of our issue , othervice you have to do some more steps

6. If some of the dependencies shows " Library couldnot be loaded because of permission "

you have to go to  /usr/lib

and locate each libraries which showing permission issue

for eg if /usr/lib/  showing permission denied.

execute the following command , and do this for all libraries

7 .After changing the all permission , after executing niReg -l , you will not get any permission error in the command output

8. Try to execute openni_tracker after starting roscore  plugging the kinect

If it is working , then you are done ,Othervice if the error is look like the following, then you have to do some more steps to get it working

If you get this error , locate the following folder first

and change the permission using the following command

$chmod 777 -R *

After this command , this error will disappear.

Hope this fix will work for you too.. 

Thanks all ---


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