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Monday, February 27, 2012

Artoolkit on Ubuntu

Hi all

 Recently i worked with Artoolkit .I got a good tutorial from the following link

I tested it with Ubuntu 11.04 and my laptop is acer 4755 .I used integrated webcam for vision .Camers vendor is "Suyin Corp" .

I am giving a screenshot of the "simpleTest" example inside the ARToolkit


HARSHA said...

Hello Lentin,

Nice work... After a lot of searching on google , I found your blog which will definitely going to help me out..
I want to access same integrated usb webcam from my Laptop Aspire 5542 , for Opencv 2.4.0. (on UBUNTU 11.10)
I have installed all necessary components (all libs, ffmpeg,opencv ,etc.)

Except video cam related apps , I am able to do all functions of OpenCV & run them on eclipse.

But Whenever I go to access VIdeoCam it shows error "Capture is null!"
video cam is at index 0 on my laptop & its details are :
"Bus 002 Device 002: ID 064e:a103 Suyin Corp. Acer/HP Integrated Webcam [CN0314]
I have tried everything with changing index -1,0,1 for "cvCaptureFromCAM(0)" But nothing worked to start the camera.

Please help me, I am going to use OpenCV platform for my M.E. project.

Lentin Joseph said...

Hi Harsha,nice to meet you.

I think you need to install an application called "cheese". This application is a webcam viewer,and if the drivers of the cam is proper,it will display the image, othervice dont.

I have a doubts regarding the drivers issue,because some webcam will not support in ubuntu especially old ubuntu. I am using 12.04 latest one,
Please check with this app and if it is not working, then better is to upgrade ubunutu or find an appropriate driver for the webcam.

Check the following link.

They saying this similar bug on Ubuntu 11.10,not solved yet. So if it possible,try to upgrade OS.

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