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Sunday, September 25, 2011

PyQT Tutorial:Introduction

Hi all

        PyQT is an easier way of creating User Interface .It has a power of both  Python and Qt.

What is Python
  • A high level Programming language 
  • An Object Oriented Programming Language
  • A scripting Language

  • Qt is a cross platform application framework for GUI Development
  • Qt stands for Qroll Tech.It is founded by Qroll Tech  now owned by Nokia

How PyQT Works

      Qt is used to make the User Interface file (.ui) .After making the user interface file(ui) ,converting it into equivalent python code .The code is generated using pyuic compiler .After modification some modification ,we can run the python code file ,

Requirements in Linux(Ubuntu )
  • Qt 4 Designer or  Qt4 Creator
  • python-qt4 : Python bindings for Qt4
  • pyqt-tools : pyuic and pylupdate for Qt3

Example demo 

1)Hello World Program using PyQt

Thank You for watching...


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